Jun 5, 2015


Hello my loves,

As many of us have gone through "hell on earth", also known as exams of all kinds, now by the end of term, I know that our hair has not been in the center of our attention. I personally started loosing a lot of hair and it got more dry due to stress and lack of hair treatments. Luckily though, girls, I was recommended a hair mask about 2 years ago that takes your hair back to it's glammy shine within 3 weeks or less, by my hair dresser at that time. The magic treatment is actually a hair mask by MoroccanOil, namely MoroccanOil Restorative Hair Mask. Let me tell you, it really does what it says it does.

Mar 6, 2015


it bags

Hey dolls! 

The bags of this season looks pleasant, and I have personally fallen in love with micro sized bags! My fave last autumn was the micro sized Celine luggage bag. This spring, Fendi's peekabo (who's also awarded bag of the year!) in different bright colours and the Lady Dior in natural colour, are my favourites, ofcourse in microsize. They look like small cupcakes, I am obbsessed. These are perfect for fancy dinner dates and events. I have tried to choose one favourite, but it's impossible, I want them all. 
My second crush this season is also the Serpentini Forever bag from Bvlgari. These are so elegant and classy you could probably buy one now and use it for the rest of your life. Because of their elegancy you could wear this when out and about but also even on dinner dates and events, fancy of course. 
I hope you all have had a wonderful day, I know I have. What do you think about the bags?

Later dolls,

Feb 23, 2015


Hi dolls! I hope spring is looking beautiful in your eyes and that you enjoy the longer days and you fill them with loads of fun and exciting things to do. I'm filling mine with school work, exams are closing up and I can feel the stress level increasing each day, God bless the day I start my exams oh how stressed I will feel.

Dec 22, 2014


Have you seen the new winter trend?  The casual beanie which I usually associate with a bad hair day has been upgraded to a much classier appearance. In style now is the veiled beanie with different styles of fishnet as veils. No less than Rihanna and TheBlondeSalad bloger Chiara Ferragni among others have already tried it out.

Nov 22, 2014


Hope you're all are having a fab weekend! Mine has been great so far. School ended before lunch yesterday so me and my friends decided to do some uni research. By the way, I'm so confused when it comes to this subject and whenever someone asks me what I want to study at uni I wish I could turn into a lamp. Yesterday cleared some things up at least and gave us a motivation boost.

Oct 29, 2014


Top - hm, Jeans - Hollister, Bag - hm, Shoes - some boutique in London

One of the common days, hung around some mall. There are so many I can't remember which one we visited that day. Maybe Mall of the Emirates?

Oct 27, 2014


Dress - Vila, Shoes - Novita, Bag - hm 

How are all my lovely readers? As you can see, I headed down south for my fall holiday. More specifically Dubai.