Feb 9, 2013


This is two favourites from Michael Kors Spring 2013 with the color combination.
Two favourites from Tibi Spring 2013

I have never liked wearing black and white together, alone to one outfit. I'd rather not say I don't like the color match, because I love black and white outfits. But somehow I find myself not really fit into them. Maybe it's because of my age, my hair, my skin color? I've had many excuses .. But this season says something special. After all this embellishment and spikes from fall ( god, I've had enough of those) it seems so right to go back to basic, back to black and white.The classic contrast is growing on me. Fine cuts makes it effortlessly fashionable. Looks to be copying is definitely from Michael Kors for everyday chic and Tibi for simple but noticeable statements.


Sixteen years old student by name Sama, residing a small town called Norrk√∂ping in Sweden. Since a young age I've had a great interest in fashion, the reason, I suspect, is because of my mom who used to have a huge interest in style. I have grown with so many different influences all from the style of Blair Waldorf to only street style. As my interest is increasing and the only thing I want to talk about is clothing and appearance my friends finds it more and more annoying. Starting a blog has always been a thought, and here I can get all my thoughts out. You'll read about fashion gossip, trend reports and personal style. Develop your style as I'm trying to find my own, too. I hope you'll pop back, see you soon! xx