Mar 22, 2013


I am utterly sorry for not posting for such a long time, my inspiration and motivation for styling is still on the low. Yesterday I went shopping with my mom, well can you even call it so? I bought nothing. Except for one top I couldn't decide was ugly or not. And just because my mom thought it would be horrible for not buying anything at all.
Mirum Galleria evented with evening shopping, and Lars Wallin guested and one even won a competition to get a dress specially designed for her. Unfortunately I didn't know that he was guesting, so I missed it. But they have his dresses on show around in the mall. Wallin is a swedish couture designer who have mostly worked with stage clothing, making dresses for Melodifestivalen in Sweden but also for the swedish princesses. He finds inspiration from french 1950's couture and Hollywood.

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