May 30, 2013



As I'm drowning in my revision, I've had some time to crush over some shoes. I am totally INLOVE with the Pigalle heels by Christian Louboutin as well as Valentino's 'Rockstud' pump! I'm personally saving up for the red bottoms but also hoping to get them at my birthday as it's getting closer.. Many of my friends finds them old fashion, but this is not the case. The Pigalle model is a basic in your wardrobe. It works with everything and you can wear them both day- and nighttime.
As for the Valentino pumps.. They are just amazing. I've been checking out these for a while and my sister is madly inlove with them. They look so elegant but still young with the edgy spikes. They would work perfectly with an effortless dress, they'd make the whole look.
(Also, I've noticed it's been a lot about shoes and bags .. I'm sorry, it's about to change!)

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