May 12, 2013


Blouse - HM, Pants and belt - JC, Shoes - Bianco, Bag - Lindex, Bracelet - Local gold boutique

This last days I've had holiday and they have been so hectic. I have had so much to do. But  I've also met old friends and just enjoyed the hours. Today I went downtown by bike with a dear friend. It only took us 20 minutes, and it takes 10 minutes by bus. Can you imagine? I'm quite impressed. We've recently learned that a supermarket now sells frozen yogurt (!!!) so well downtown, we rushed over to grab a pack. We sat by a stream running through the city and gossiped while eating our frozen yogurt and just enjoyed the thought of soon having summer break. It is true that I'm panicing about grades, but I really can't wait for summer to come!

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