Jul 9, 2013


Dress and Bag - HM, Shoes - Nelly.se

Today I was supposed to head to the mall to get a pair of shoes (I'm running out of shoes, what is this?). This was what I opted to wear since it's so sunny and hot outside - 28 degrees, can you imagine? Yes, it's a lot for Sweden. Anyways, my cousins ended up getting here so I quickly changed to my bikini and we're having a pool party here instead! Loud music, good food and loads of laughter, perfect day. 
Yesterday I went in a quickie in HM and found the bag in the picture. It has just gotten in-store, I totally love it! It's thick material and it looks expensive for the store it's coming from. But now I'm heading back to the pool, I hope you're also having a great day!

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