Aug 19, 2013


back to school

back to school #2

back to school #3

Okay, so I know this is probably a lot different from what I usually post. But for school I feel like it's more appropriate to dress more preppy to at least look like a smart kid. Further more, it's actually very comfortable, as it should since schooldays can get pretty long.
It's still hot outside so don't waste sunny weather on jeans! Go with a skirt and a nice basic t-shirt (or if it's not too hot, a cable knit) and then some statement boots. Think: IVY. Use shirts, cable knits and skinny jeans, add in a nice bracelet and you're off to go.
Brands to consider are: Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and GANT. I don't really like to point out brands and such but if you want a nice little logo on your shirt, those are brilliant. I hope you all had a wonderful start of the term or are still enjoying your holiday (ps, I'm jealous). Until next time!

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  1. great post, thanks for sharing <3 we love the first outfit the most :)