Aug 17, 2013


Hey guys! I'm utterly sorry for the lack of posts these couple of weeks. I have been so busy with my school transfer, enjoying my summer vacation and traveling. I've just transferred to a school in another city (not so far from here though!) so that I'm taking the International Baccalaureate Diploma. I'm very curious and excited for it all. Yes I'm aware of how I sound like a total geek. Despite all the things with the transfer I've also had time to enjoy my break with late girls nights and beach fun (when it wasn't raining!). We also went on a small trip to Greece to catch some D-vitamin and enjoy the beautiful blue water. Me and my sister took the advantage of having Procenters right at the hotel beach and learned how to windsurf. Well, learned is an exaggeration but we now know the basics. We really enjoyed all the plunges we took for not maintaining our balance, the few minutes of managing it and the breaks were we socialized with all the hot surfers.
My term starts this Monday and I am very excited! I can easily say that I've had a nice and relaxing summer. How has yours been?

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  1. Your top's color is amazing. I love that color so much !