Apr 8, 2014


Going on right now and taking away all the fashionistas focus from things non-related to fashion is the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia.
The land down under is known for producing quirky, fun and summer-friendly collections, just how you'd describe the country itself! Each year a fashion week is held. While the big cities of fashion such as Paris and New York holds 2 weeks each year, in spring and fall, Australia holds one were national and neighbouring countries designers are welcome to present collections, not only for the upcoming F/W season but also the current S/S season.

The fashion week is held from 6th of April to the 10th, which makes it currently on going. For a person who have not seen all the collections, I am yet to judge about who presented the best one. However, as of now, Cameo and Maticevski have presented pretty things of my liking. 
The first mentioned brand was introduced to me last year by my dear friend who were looking for party dresses. Fashion forward, (just the way we like it) with aesthetic spirit suits the description of this label. This year they're bringing out cool prints and garment combinations. Although some ensembles feels like Three Floor copies, specially the dresses, the material is looser and softer. More suitable for summer.
Maticevski is a new name to me, and unfortunately the only work of his I've seen is the fashion show I watched streaming live this morning. A more fortunate thought is that his collection is stunning. The shapes are something different and exciting, he is bringing something new to the table. While his colour scheme was basic black/white/beige/powder pink (and then a orange suit in all of this..) which normally is boring, his designs have enough edge to catch your eye.

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My favourite looks from Cameo's collection

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My favourite looks from Maticevski's collection

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