Apr 2, 2014


Hello readers, how are you? This blog has been standing on end and suffering for the entire winter, but humans (like one self) do get things in the way so that the spiritual and fashionable thoughts/ideas will just have to be postponed. Although as spring is approaching, so is the desire and seek for inspire and not least for how to be chic!

My school attire is for the moment my struggle. Why does school (at least mine) start at 8.10 and end so late? Quite frankly, I have no motivation for looking like a fashion genius (even though I regret it after 2 hours of school). I usually grab whatever pair of jeans and preferably a knit of any kind. Lately, boyfriend jeans have been more included in my options. What is there to say? Baggy, comfortable, easy to match up and fashionable. It's dangerous though, once you try them you never really go back. I know I am picking up more of these as spring is coming up.
Sweater - Ralph Lauren, Jeans - JC, Bag -/, Shoes - Mimic copenhagen, Necklace - From a castle in Stockholm,
 Rings - H&M

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  1. cool casual fit! pretty jumper, love the color.
    xx http://1finedai.blogspot.com/