Aug 5, 2014


chanel a/w 2015 haute couture fashion show

I have been thinking of writing about this couture show for a while, not only because I feel obligated to as a fashion blogger, but also because I've had mixed feelings about the whole show.

The setting was elegant and sophisticated. It was a simple white venue with a fireplace followed with post-scary music. Sophisticated modern, usual for Chanel. The collection offered a modern look on dresses and coats in baroque style, in "oh, so typical Chanel" tweed. Detailing with beautiful embellishments - which sometimes could be too much - like sequins, pearl attatchments, fur trims, and patterns. The colour scheme was kep lowkey with black and white but also colours of blue and red, the elegant tones which doesn't hurt your eyes. It all felt a little bit like a modern look on royalty.
One thing Chanel knows is maturity and elegance, and the suits of the collection represents that legacy. I was totally in love with the tweed pieces and the white dresses with gold detailing. However there were some dresses of grey colour which looked like - I'm so emberassed to say this - a whole lot of textile bunched together and just sewed a little bit here and there. In other words, a mess. Another piece I was skeptical about was the "arm warmers"? When did we use that the last time, in 5th grade? A long time ago. Even though I have a hard time believing in this piece, my gut tells me that Chanel may be bringing it back to the top again. Who knows, maybe I'll find them more appealing soon enough? Something worth mentioning is the last model, the pregnant Ashleigh Good. What a magnifique way of finishing a haute couture show! Fashion does not stop because a new life is on it's way. A haute couture maybe even help pass on fashion genes? Jokes. Chanel had an exceptional collection with some pieces leaving us hanging. Nothing is perfect I guess. What did you guys think?

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