Oct 10, 2014


Grace Kelly was the famous Hollywood actress who lived a love story with a royalty only to marry him and become a princess of Monaco. This girl has definitely set the standards for today's fairy tales.
Grace was that one glamour girl with undeniable class. While she lived at the same time as Marilyn Monroe, the soon-to-be princess is known on a whole other level. Grace was what today's modest but yet beautiful women are. Modesty dressed her so well that people let their thoughts wander and wonder over her. She had that sexiness you can't really describe with that word, because it is too vulgar. She had boys swoon over her without dressing with cleavege, bare legged or tight fitted outfits. She was appealing because she was mysterious in her own way of dressing.
Grace of Monaco wore fitted suits, flared dresses but also enjoyed trousers tightended by her tiny waist. In todays society and in the fashion world exposure of body parts are in "trend". Easiest way to gain popularity and fame is to show off ones body. Look at todays role models like Nicki Minaj and Miley Cyrus, with more skin than cloth on themselves. It's important to teach todays girls that women like Grace Kelly are to look up to and to respect their bodies. Trends are not to be followed by everyone. Besides, how wants to be basic anyway?
Like we say, Your clothes should be tight enough to show you're a woman but loose enough to show you're a lady.

I have put together some inspiration for you here down below. This is a modern adaption of Grace Kelly's style.
Modern Grace Kelly.

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