Dec 22, 2014


Have you seen the new winter trend?  The casual beanie which I usually associate with a bad hair day has been upgraded to a much classier appearance. In style now is the veiled beanie with different styles of fishnet as veils. No less than Rihanna and TheBlondeSalad bloger Chiara Ferragni among others have already tried it out.
This beanie actually got me buzzing about snow and the cold. Before, I used to feel so bad about wearing beanies because;
1. They ruin your hairstyle you took time to fix. And they can make hair static. 
2. The feminim ones usually didnt help that much against the cold, as they never seemed to overlap my ears. 
However now, since the usual beanie has gotten a more feminim twist, I can't wait to try it out! Red Valentino had a really cute beanie, which unfortunately is sold out everywhere. But not to worry, I've got loads of other tips for you. I recently discovered an up and coming Iraqi designer, based in the UAE. Actually, I discovered 3 sisters, and they all seem talented and soon to hit a bigger stage. Kim Kardashian was actually seen wearing one of the sisters designs, Meena Rose Al Obaidi. But what I will be talking about is the beanie from Dina Zaki. I have looked for others, and you can also see my tips, but this beanie is for sure my favourite. I would love to order it, I am not sure how too tho .. If I do decide to look into it and order it, I will let you know. This is defnitely the best way to keep you warm during this season whilst looking fabulous.

beanie tips
Also feel free to DIY your beanie! It's super easy, just youtube "DIY veiled beanie".

Picture taken from @rannfzzz instagram. 

And this is the beanie I've been talking about from Dina Zaki. What do you think?

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