Jun 5, 2015


Hello my loves,

As many of us have gone through "hell on earth", also known as exams of all kinds, now by the end of term, I know that our hair has not been in the center of our attention. I personally started loosing a lot of hair and it got more dry due to stress and lack of hair treatments. Luckily though, girls, I was recommended a hair mask about 2 years ago that takes your hair back to it's glammy shine within 3 weeks or less, by my hair dresser at that time. The magic treatment is actually a hair mask by MoroccanOil, namely MoroccanOil Restorative Hair Mask. Let me tell you, it really does what it says it does.

My hair usually gets really dry and not so silky looking and the split ends increases because the hair gets more fragile. I start off my using it in every shower for about 2 weeks, for me, I start seeing a result by that time. After that, I will be more careful using it, and only have it in every second shower and then I level it off to only once every month or so, when it has gotten better.
There you go girls. This mask is a bit on the pricer side, however it lasts ages. It's also a good investment for summer since most of us will go beaching and we all know what saltwater does to our hair, let along the sun!

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